Why Osteopathic Medicine?

So why osteopathic medicine? Why not a chiropractor?  Why not physical therapy?  Why not anyone BUT a DO?

While every specialty has a time and place in treatment, many have commented on the relative benefits of osteopathic manipulation specifically over chiropractic medicine. Many of my patients appreciate the more gentle approach, including (my particular practice) of asking permission before I attempt HVLA (what you would call “cracking your back”).  It is neither the bedrock of my practice nor my primary tool. I have plenty of other techniques I can use. It is not what I nor what osteopathic medicine is known for.

Physical therapy similarly has a great track record with many different conditions, and I highly recommend them in the right setting. Sometimes you really do need a PT more than you need a DO, or perhaps in conjunction with a DO.  Sometimes, you really just need to see a PT. OMT can help provide symptomatic relief of pain that can sometimes be exacerbated by the (evidence-based albeit sometimes painful) therapy sessions. We can also help release adhesions (sticky spots) that might be keeping your joints from moving fully.

And why DO?  Let me tell you why I chose an osteopathic medical school: because the osteopathic philosophy emphasizes the whole person, not just the body system affected, not just that particular area of the body.  Illness and disease affects the whole person, and can manifest throughout the body. My patients are more than herniated discs, or wrists with carpal tunnel, bodies troubled by nighttime awakenings, or really angry uteri (uteruses). They are more than sinuses that won’t stop running down the back of the throat, and they are more than painful deep breaths. They are men, women, children of all walks of life trying to feel better, to be better, so they can live their lives, fulfill their obligations and take care of their families. I’m honored to bring my skill to their service, to keep them moving and living life the way they should be.

I hope you will trust me with your care, your concerns, your symptoms — all the things holding you back.

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