Acute/Chronic Pain Treatment

Pain sucks. And side effects from medications can turn pain relief into a vicious cycle of pain, relief, and new symptoms. Using gentle techniques (not just cracking and popping every possible joint), we will help increase your mobility and range of motion, relax your muscles, and increase your functionality.

Medical Marijuana Evaluations

The medicinal benefits of marijuana are gradually being recognized in the medical community and larger society. While the government continues to consider cannabis a Schedule I substance, we at Pensacola Osteopaths embrace the potential that THC-CBD substances hold, and respect the wishes of our patients who want to pursue this route.

Respiratory Treatments

Respiratory disorders can leave you feeling out of breath, like you can’t take a full breath, like you’re drowning. Let us examine you, and help relax the muscles around your rib cage, remove the restrictions keeping you from taking a deep breath, and help you improve your breathing.

Sinus Issues

Feeling stuffed up?  We can help.  Using a series of gentle massage techniques, we can help drain your sinuses and improve your breathing and facial pain.

Got a problem? We can help.

Our top three treatments relate to pain, respiratory disorders and sinus issues. But that is not all we treat. We can handle symptoms related to a range of issues, including menstrual complaints, migraines/headaches, IBS symptoms (constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc), and more. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.  If you’ve got a problem, we can help.

Minimizing your need for medication

Many patients are reluctant to take medications, whether because of side effects or wariness of becoming addicted.  While we cannot necessarily eliminate your need for medication, we can certainly help minimize your need or use of it. Using manual techniques, we can help promote your body’s ability to heal, self-regulate, and achieve homeostasis. Sounds weird, sounds scary, sounds bizarre, but it’s true. Let us help you today.  See what we can do for you.

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