Medical Marijuana Certifications

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We performed our first Medical Marijuana (MM) Certification on March 13, 2018, and we have been accelerating our progress ever since.  Patients appreciate our affordability as well as access compared to other clinics, not to mention Dr Hillman's trademark relaxing bedside manner, which makes the entire process more comfortable all the way around.

While we applaud the advancement of MM use in the State of Florida, as medical professionals, we remain committed to patient safety and the ethical values of patient autonomy, beneficence (doing good), and nonmalfeasance (avoiding harm). We are thrilled with patients being able to take control of their healthcare and not have to take dozens of medications that each have their own side effects. However, we also want to make sure that (1) any potential MM user is a good fit, with potential benefit outweighing the potential risk, and (2) that we are actually treating MM as a medication, and not just as a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card for recreational use.

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(1) Accumulate your documents, including relevant medical encounters, disability determinations, etc.

(2) Set up an appointment either by calling 850-368-7528 or booking through the schedule widget below.

(3) See the doctor.

  • At this visit, you will sit down with Dr Hillman and discuss your relevant diagnosis, any complicating diagnoses, current treatments, past treatments that both helped and failed, previous and current marijuana use (gotta be honest here!),  as well as goals of treatment with Medical Marijuana.
  • If approved for certification, Dr Hillman will go over the State-mandated written consent required for all certification visits, including discussion of risks, benefits, complications, and relevant studies related to your particular condition that either vouch for or detract from MM's use in your situation.
  • Dr Hillman will check the MMU Registry for active certifications, and if none are found, will enter your information into the State of Florida's Official Registry.  Up to three orders in each category (Medical Marijuana and Low-THC) can be ordered at this time.
  • A follow-up visit will be scheduled for 70 days out for order #2.

(4) Complete your profile through the link sent by email from the MMU Registry.  After a couple days, you will be prompted on the Registry to pay your $75 marijuana card fee to the State of Florida.

(5) Once you receive your approval email (several days after #4), you can print that email, take it with a photo ID to a dispensary, and begin your therapeutic course with MM!



While we'd love to say, "You ride off happily into the sunset," the reality is, you start keeping a journal.  If MM is to be treated as a medicine, it is important to treat it as an actual medication. Just as a diabetic will track their blood sugars, or a patient with hypertension will monitor their blood pressure, you will be tracking your MM use. Some things you want to keep a record of include:

  • Route of Administration (oral, suppository, inhalational, topical, etc)
  • What you are using (dispensary name, CBD:THC ratio, or a similar designation)
  • What symptoms you were treating
  • Whether it worked, didn't work, or required a follow-up dose
  • Any side effects (altered mental status, withdrawal symptoms, nausea, hives, etc)


The intent of Medical Marijuana is that marijuana, in various forms, is being treated as a medicine. As such, we need to know what you're using, what you're taking, how much CBD vs THC you're getting and what is actually working. This helps us determine how to structure your next set of orders -- stronger recommendation? Weaker? A different route of administration?

Also, considering that marijuana itself (medical or not) is still labeled as a Schedule I substance with no recognized medical use or safety for use, as well as potential for addiction, we have to be mindful that we are proceeding in accordance with standard medical practice. Anything we would do with any other medication or controlled substance, applies equally if not moreso, to medical cannabis.  The State of Florida Medical Boards reserve the right to demand access to your files, and we want to make sure everything is above reproach.


How much can you expect this to run you?

Initial Marijuana Certification: $250

Seventy (70)-Day Follow Up Visit: $75

Recertification Fee: $125

[All prices are subject to the 10% discount offered to veterans, EMS, first responders, and teachers. So don't forget to let us know if you're eligible!]