We believe in patient autonomy. This includes women’s and other uterus owners’ bodily autonomy, including in the case of pregnancy. As we say in the military, the best defense is a good offense. While we are unable at Pensacola Osteopaths to perform abortions, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to help women and uterus owners of all genders and walks of life achieve reproductive freedom, particularly in states where their right to bodily autonomy is being threatened. We will never stand by and allow our patients to be attacked and denied care, particularly not by legislators with no business being in the consultation room.

While we work on a more expansive plan to include insertional/implantable birth control options (such as IUDs and Implanon/Nexplanon), this is our current offer:

We will see, for free, any woman/uterus owner in need of birth control. You do not need to have insurance. You don’t need to bring any form of payment to us (and we’ll do our best to find the cheapest birth control for you using GoodRx). All you need to do, is get to us. Call us for more information. Tell your friends. Give us feedback — how else can we help? We are looking for ideas.


Huge news. Big news. Leafy and aromatic. Calming yet exciting.


We at Pensacola Osteopaths are thrilled to be part of this new developing field. Despite literally centuries of evidence, and millenia of use, marijuana remains illegal under Federal law. A number of states of completely legalized recreational use of marijuana. Florida is one of a number of states that are recognizing the medical benefits of the drug and allowing its use.

We believe that there is more than enough evidence of its efficacy, and stand with local and national grassroots [pun intended] organizations pushing for its nationwide legalization, decriminalization, and removal from the Schedule I list.

We are dedicated to helping you, our patients and fellow citizens, find the best care possible. We strive to maximize benefit while minimizing side effects. We aim to keep our interventions as natural as possible.

We will work with you to help you attain the care you need, or point you towards care that will benefit you. Call us today to see how we can help!

Announcing: Earthy Thursdays of Pensacola, FL

I am so excited to announce the Earthy Thursdays of Pensacola, FL initiative.  This project would compile donations from the Pensacola and surrounding communities into a single compost pile, and redistribute the resulting compost (“black gold”) back into the community for use.

There are several reasons why I wanted to do this:

  1. Climate change not only is real, but is reaching the point where soon, it’ll be too difficult and/or impossible to reverse its effects;
  2. One of the best ways to combat greenhouse gases is to reduce the compostable waste in the landfills, and to allow it to break down aerobically rather than anaerobically;
  3. A community-based initiative would allow people to participate in composting without having to do compost themselves, or to have to dedicate time, space or resources towards doing it in their own home;
  4. Providing the resulting “black gold” to people for free would make it available to people of lower income who either would like to get started in gardening for food, or those who rely on their garden for food;
  5. I believe that it is incumbent upon all of us to do what we can to protect the Earth, and facilitating a community-based initiative will help others do their own part.

I began composting earlier this year.  Actually, my birthday present to myself this year was a tumbling composter by Yimby and two books on composting. Since then, I have expanded to having three tumbling composters and a pile in the front yard, this last being my space dedicated to Earthy Thursdays (pictured below).  Composting feels like one of those things that starts taking over your life, in a good way.  My family and I now look much more critically at what we’re throwing out, and separating out what can be composted. I remember the first week our recycling outweighed our trash — I was thrilled!  It felt like true progress.

We want as many people and groups to participate as possible. We want people to learn about composting, and to look more critically at what they’re throwing in the trash.  Yes, each individual person is “only one person.” But together, we can make a huge impact.

I look forward to working with volunteers and the community to get this project off the ground. Call or email us for more information. 850-368-7528,, or visit our FB page.

The official Earthy Thursdays of Pensacola, FL compost pile


Why Osteopathic Medicine?

So why osteopathic medicine? Why not a chiropractor?  Why not physical therapy?  Why not anyone BUT a DO?

While every specialty has a time and place in treatment, many have commented on the relative benefits of osteopathic manipulation specifically over chiropractic medicine. Many of my patients appreciate the more gentle approach, including (my particular practice) of asking permission before I attempt HVLA (what you would call “cracking your back”).  It is neither the bedrock of my practice nor my primary tool. I have plenty of other techniques I can use. It is not what I nor what osteopathic medicine is known for.

Physical therapy similarly has a great track record with many different conditions, and I highly recommend them in the right setting. Sometimes you really do need a PT more than you need a DO, or perhaps in conjunction with a DO.  Sometimes, you really just need to see a PT. OMT can help provide symptomatic relief of pain that can sometimes be exacerbated by the (evidence-based albeit sometimes painful) therapy sessions. We can also help release adhesions (sticky spots) that might be keeping your joints from moving fully.

And why DO?  Let me tell you why I chose an osteopathic medical school: because the osteopathic philosophy emphasizes the whole person, not just the body system affected, not just that particular area of the body.  Illness and disease affects the whole person, and can manifest throughout the body. My patients are more than herniated discs, or wrists with carpal tunnel, bodies troubled by nighttime awakenings, or really angry uteri (uteruses). They are more than sinuses that won’t stop running down the back of the throat, and they are more than painful deep breaths. They are men, women, children of all walks of life trying to feel better, to be better, so they can live their lives, fulfill their obligations and take care of their families. I’m honored to bring my skill to their service, to keep them moving and living life the way they should be.

I hope you will trust me with your care, your concerns, your symptoms — all the things holding you back.

My Guiding Principle for Designing the Clinic

This is something I want to make clear about our clinic.

I want our clinic to be a safe place for our patients. I’m not just talking about fire extinguishers and smoke detectors and HIPAA and all that. I’m talking about, designing the space with the concept of safety in mind — personal safety, mental/emotional safety, and of course physical safety.

For me, walking into the clinic, I already feel like it’s a space where I can kick my shoes off and just relax.  That’s what I want for my patients.  Many medical clinics today are very sterile. Often, this is for very good reason, but I’m talking more about the design, the feel of the space.  When I walk into certain medical offices, I feel like I’m stepping into a space-age drama. Everything is stark and white with the token flower to remind us we’re human or that nature exists.  That is decidedly *not* what I want for my clinic.

I mentioned in one of my videos, I want a space where patients feel comfortable and safe, where they can relax.  I want my patients also to feel like they can just kick their shoes off and get comfortable (within reason ;-P). I want my patients to feel like they can come in anytime, that they can let their guard down a little, and most importantly, that they can talk to me about what is bothering them, and how I can help them.

I respect and I love the patient-doctor relationship: the sanctity of it, the confidentiality, the absolute trust between us.  A physician’s touch can be as healing as medication, and listening can be as therapeutic as… well, drugs. I respect the authority and the responsibility I hold as a physician, but I also love my patients. I am here for you, and I am trying to design my clinic to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  I hope to see you soon!